Thermal Hydraulic Engine Intellectual Property Agreements

Unbelievable Torque

Our engines will deliver four times more torque to your load. 

Unbelievable Efficiency

A Thermal Hydraulic Engine will use 90% less energy to run, whether  gas or electricity because we don't have to change phase during our thermal cycle. 

Ultimate Renewable

Our engines can run on solar, geothermal, waste heat or any thermal source that supplies 180 - 190 F temperatures. 

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Intellectual Property

The Intellectual Property that will be available to your company includes a wealth of information developed by the Deluge company and Mr. Hageman. With over 45 years of construction engineering and 30 years of building and testing Thermal Hydraulic Engines, we can supply your company with the knowledge to incorporate this amazing new engine into your projects and products. Our Technology Transfer Program is available to qualified companies now!


If you would like to buy custom designed Thermal Hydraulic Engines for your products or projects, we can manufacture them for you. Ask about our intellectual property agreements and engineering consultant work based on intellectual property law. 


If you want to collaborate on a new product that you want to manufacture, let us know what industry you are in and lets talk. 


Our Technology Transfer Programs provide full consultation from concept to final product. 

Profit Sharing

We can write an agreement that will let all parties profit from the Thermal Hydraulic Engine Technology

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Early Research and Development - Thermal Hydraulic Engine

The First Thermal Hydraulic Engine

Built in 1984 using plain water as an expansion fluid. Three cylinder pistons with a crankshaft and rotating cam for controlling micro-switches operating solenoid water valves. 

University of Arizona Maricopa Agricultural Center

First water pump testing on the 2000 acre UofA site south of Phoenix in the city of Maricopa. 

Sandia National Laboratory

Engine testing at the solar engine testing center at Sandia located near Albuquerque New Mexico. 

Collaborative Research Projects

United States Department of Interior Testing

The Desalination test in cooperation with the US Department of Interior Bureau of Reclamation Water Quality Improvement Center in Yuma, Arizona and the Arizona State University

Calibration Testing

Weight Lifting tests performed to provide input/output data for advanced engineering and design.

India Institute of Technology Madras (IIT Madras)

Over 200 tests documented on a solar powered water pump. 

Crude Oil Pumping

Rocky Mountain Oilfield Testing Center (RMOTC)

US Department of Energy Cooperative Research and Development Agreement (CRADA) tests at the Teapot Dome Oilfield Testing Site in Wyoming. 

Bakersfield California

Working with a private oil company we tested deep well pumping of crude oil.

Parsons, Kansas

18 month test running 24/7 pumping light sweet crude oil and selling to the nearby Coffeyville oil refinery. 

Electric Generation

Natural Energy Laboratory of Hawaii (NELHA)

250 KW generator built for a private Hawaiian company near Kona Beach on the Big Island. 

The Thermal Hydraulic Engine can Replace Electric Motors, Gas Engines or Steam Turbines in ANY application!

 If you are interested in using Deluge engines for projects or if you are interested in Licensing the Deluge technology and manufacture engines, please contact us to be considered.    

Deluge power technology generates cash and makes factories efficient by converting factory waste energy into valuable electric or fluid/air power.

Solutions are available in the following industries: 

Meat packing
Dairy products
Food production
Bakery products 
Frozen fish and seafood
Bottled and canned softdrinks
Heating and air conditioning 
Petroleum refining
Plastic production
Concrete industry

Data Processing
Electric services
Water supply
Paper mills
Natural gas 



The Thermal Hydraulic Engine is the most revolutionary engine development in over 100 years. It is a disruptive technology that will invoke a positive change in many industries. This technology has accumulated substantial external validation. Moreover, its commercial viability has been proven by successful field operations in the Midwest, where reliability of the engines has been exceptional with over 120,000 hours already logged. 

The Thermal Hydraulic Engine has been recognized by the U.S. Federal Laboratory Consortium in its granting to Deluge and the sponsoring U.S. Department of Energy their 2005 Outstanding Technology Development Award for a project where the engine successfully pumped oil out of the ground using geothermal water as its sole source of fuel. Deluge’s unique technology offers a substantially improved process of converting energy to work (power) and does so in an exceptionally environmentally sustainable manner. This versatile technology is also known as the NE Engine™ because it can replace any engine.

The Thermal Hydraulic Engine is essentially a “green” technology. The NE Engine operates without combustion. It can readily be configured to operate without the consumption of fossil fuels resulting in zero emissions and no secondary environmental impacts such as waste heat. The technology has a small footprint, operates almost noiselessly and is ideally suited to alternative energy applications in both municipal and remote locations. 

The Thermal Hydraulic Engine will have a profound and far-reaching effect on a wide range of economic activities. The engine is innately highly efficient in that it uses minimal energy input leading to dramatically lower operating costs and a capital cost that is either less than or consistent with other technologies. 

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